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Accolade as the Pink City of India, Jaipur is also the Capital of India’s Land of the Kings, Rajasthan. It’s an enthralling gateway to the fabled realms of Indian vibrant history, majestic forts, and lavish palaces.

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Think of Agra and the poignant white marbled beauty of Taj Mahal come to one’s mind. Taj surely accentuates India’s glory, but it’s also a gateway adjoining top sightseeing attractions representing historical and cultural vibrancy in its entirety.

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Accolades as the city with a heart, Delhi is the National Capital of India. An epitome of country’s fascinating past and present, Delhi welcome you to explore city’s wonders be it’s the royal heritage, beautiful art and crafts, and the vibrant culture.

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Formerly known as Madras, Chennai is an amalgamation of urban villages and a variety of neighborhoods that will pleasantly surprise you. Chennai has kept the artistic and culinary tradition of South India intact. With such enthusiasm and life that is far away from the hustle and hassle, one can experience luxe hotels, quirky cafes, contemporary restaurants and swanky clubs.

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Acclaimed as the Golden City of India, Amritsar is one of the most sacred and serene lands to explore. Offering a well-rounded cultural experience of cultural vibrancy, the pious Golden Temple is famous for being the city’s main center of attraction.

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One of the ancient Hindu pilgrim cities, Varanasi is known as the land of variously temples. Be its peaceful sunset strolls on the ghats of holy river Ganga, evening rituals, reminiscing history, all showcase magnificent glimpses of city’s spiritual charms.

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Srinagar epitomizes the perfect blend of nature, beauty, love, and harmony. Resting upon the river Jhelum and surrounded by mesmerizing valleys and sky scarping mountains, it looks more like a colorful scene of a famous painting. On the one side it displays a less populated eastern shore surrounded by the Mughal Garden while on the other side it has a chaotic city centre.

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Known as the Queen of Hill Stations, Shimla acclaimed as Indian yesteryear's summer capital. Closely lodged in a dense cedar forest, the city offers panoramic views of the stunning snow peaks to enjoy its timeless beauty.

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Get smitten with mesmeric hill stations, snow-capped lofty mountains, green-carpeted terrains, and rivers housing crystal clear water, all constitute altogether a breathless marvel of nature, for which Manali is famous for.

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Known for the ancient history and richness of their roots, Lucknow is acclaimed as the City of Nawabs. This Nawabi City allures you to explore epic craftsmanship, rich cultural heritage, majestic monuments, and many more top charms to complement its grandeur.

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Ladakh has a long history with its Tibetan neighbors and has been the home for Buddhist kingdom in the past. The mystical land has it all, from rocky mountains to picture perfect monasteries, from whitewashed stupas to the mani walls, and from being a Buddhist kingdom to a spectacularly beautiful views.

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The world-famous Howrah Bridge, dulcet rosogullas, and the glorious Durga Pujo, these treasures aren’t adequate to describe the city of joy, Kolkata. There’s a lot more to explore in the name of colourful fete and celebrations in Kolkata.

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Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra share many capital accolades with its name, be it’s the business capital, entertainment hub, food capital, or it’s the home of glittery Bollywood. These are the treasures that transcend Mumbai a must-explore destination.

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Leaving a legacy of magnificent palaces, chronic mosques and pristine tombs, Hyderabad’s regal history and vibrant culture attract worldwide itinerant to explore the beautiful city of pearls and diamond.

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Kerala or the land of coconuts is a place where wherever you look you see green, with winds ruffling your hair, it’s a sensory heaven. With its palm trees and long stretches of water and its monsoon showers over the valleys in the Western Ghats it is bound to make you fall in love with itself. With it’s origin dating back to the Satya Yug, it’s a land of Gods and Godesses, hence the name, ‘God’s own country’.

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An alluring kaleidoscope of glorious Rajputana culture, royal palaces, and colourful people, Jaisalmer is among the prestigious jewels of Rajasthan roosting tourists to explore the sand-colored beautiful city in the middle of famous Thar Desert.

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Once the residence of Mahatma Gandhi, Ahmedabad now earns the status of India’s first world heritage. Representing a plethora of varied topography, colorful culture, and a strong history allure visitors to explore the city.

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One among the world’s heritage-listed palaces in India, Mysore isn’t only famous for the royal heritage, spectacular monuments, and buildings. Besides, it’s attracting worldwide visitors for being India’s best place to practice Ashtanga yoga.

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Discover the gorgeous landscapes of Darjeeling to get smitten with mesmeric hill stations, green-carpeted terrains and the beautiful local handicrafts which constitute altogether a breathless marvel to explore.

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In addition to hosting world’s finest camel fairs, Pushkar is also famous for being an eminent Hindu pilgrimage town. Sharing a long series of temples and ghats, Pushkar has many treasures to explore.

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Explore the delightful blend of modern and traditional architectural masterpiece built in the vivid shades of the blue. Honored by the name of blue city, Jodhpur is full of mighty forts towering over the city fascinating a mesmerizing feel of blue heavens.

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Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru is among the vibrant places of the country, which isn’t only accolade for being sophisticated in modern day’s context, also known for its pleasant weather, famed gardens and historic attractions.

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With a series of impressive mosques, Bhopal is also famed for being the beautiful city of lakes. The city gives you a pleasure to explore nature’s pristine beauty along with cultural vibrancy exemplifying the grand opulence of royal Nawabi culture.

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Excitement never ends at Goa! Think of Goa, and sun-kissing, tree-lined beaches come wafting to one’s memory. Enjoy splendour of Goa beaches, water sports, and nightclubs at their electrifying best, and expansive coastline.

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India’s most pleasing city of lakes, Udaipur is world-famous for its fascinating palaces, premium homestays sharing beautiful scenic sights, and the colorful culture. A gateway to Rajasthan’s most romantic city, Udaipur captures state’s natural charm.

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Sprawled across the Brahmaputra Valley, Assam is the most vibrant Northeast state. Its artistic heritage, tribal culture, ancient culinary skills, dynamic communities draw attention of countless tourists who come here to absorb its expansive magnificence.

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An eastern state of India bordered by Bhutan, Sikkim consist of magnificent views of mountains and natural places.

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Ujjain is famous for being one of the four cities hosting the largest religious gathering on Earth for Hindus, the Kumbh Mela. It’s also the epicenter of magnificent temples, gigantic festivals, and divine ghats.

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There’s always something different about being the holy shrines that are over 800 years old. Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh is renowned for a group of monuments representing heritage gathering of Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist temples.

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Famed for its medieval hilltop forts, Gwalior also houses many impressive monuments be its royal Jai Vilas Palace, world’s famous Sun Temple and many other architectural wonders to adorn. It’s the must-explore destination for architectural devotees.

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